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  1. PURPOSE.  The purpose of this document is to establish policies and procedures for the use of the Sun City Photography Club Studio, hereafter referred to as the “Studio.”

    1. The studio is the room located in the Yemassee Crafts Center assigned by Sun City Hilton Head Community Association (CA) exclusively to the Photography Club, a chartered club of SCHH, as a dedicated multi-use space for educational and functional activities related to photography.
    2. The studio will be used as a teaching classroom, a professional-grade studio for portraiture and still-life photography and a laboratory for digital processing, mounting, matting and/or framing.  It will also serve as a gallery of members’ photographs, including those offered for sale, and viewable by the residents on selected occasions.


    1. The studio will include equipment and supplies commonly associated with the activities described above.  The Photography Club shall be responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and safeguarding of the equipment, and ensure that it is properly and safely used.
    2. Property purchased by the club becomes property of the Community Association and is included in their insurance coverage.  Personal property brought into the studio is not covered by the Association, but should be included in members’ homeowner policies.
    3. The Photography Club will maintain an inventory of club-owned assets valued at $200 or greater, and report those greater than $2,000 to CA in accordance with the Chartered Club Rules & Procedures (CCRP) manual.  This will be the responsibility of the club Treasurer.
    4. No equipment may be removed from the studio without approval of the Studio Manager (see Para. 7a-c).
    5. Procurement or disposal of equipment costing more than $500 will require approval of the Treasurer and one other officer.  Greater expenditures will be subject to the club by-laws.  The Studio Manager must be notified of any loss or disappearance of equipment, or equipment that becomes unusable or unsafe.
  3. POLICY.
    1. The operation and management of the studio and equipment shall be in full compliance with the CCRP and By-Laws of the Sun City Photography Club.
    2. As one of the benefits of membership in the Sun City Photography Club, the studio shall be managed expressly for the interests of its members in good standing.  Non-member residents, visitors and guests of the developer are welcome to visit the studio and observe the activities therein, but may not attend classes or use equipment.  Exceptions may be made for use by joint activities which include Photography Club members and members of other clubs, for example, the “DigiSig” group which is a joint initiative with the Computer Club.  With reasonable advance notice, designated club members will be available to open the studio and give informal tours.
    3. The studio and/or equipment may not be leased (rented) to outside parties or groups.  However, the Photography Club may sponsor a seminar or workshop presented by a paid speaker in accordance with CCRP contracting policies.  In addition, a member may be authorized by the Board to conduct outside seminars using studio equipment.
    4. Scheduled classroom periods will have priority over other uses of the studio.
    5. A daily register of utilization will be provided near the entrance; all those entering the studio will be asked to sign the register and provide his/her CA number, and members must bring their club badge.
    6. A designated room monitor must be present in the studio at all times when others are working therein.  During class periods the instructor may serve as the room monitor or, at his/her discretion, request someone else for that purpose.  . “Open” periods of the studio will be dependant on the availability of a room monitor.
    7. In accordance with the CCRP, a minimum of 25% of the scheduled operating time shall be set aside for members’ use, unencumbered by classes, meetings or other planned group activities.
    8. Although assigned to the Photography Club, the studio and its equipment remain under the ownership of the Community Association and shall be operated and maintained in accordance with its rules and standards.  Access for inspections (fire, safety, etc.), routine maintenance and custodial services cannot be hindered.
    9. No smoking, food or beverages shall be permitted inside the studio, other than bottled drinking water.  Other food/beverages may be allowed at the discretion of the monitor on duty at the time.
    10. Only “digital” processing of photos is performed; no chemicals associated with “darkroom” processing of film or prints will be permitted in the studio.
    11. No activity which could result in negative publicity (deserved or otherwise) or reflect unfavorably on the club, its members or Sun City Hilton Head shall be permitted in the studio.
    12. A copy of this document shall be conspicuously posted in the studio as required by the CCRP.
  4. SAFETY.
    1. Mat cutters, glass cutting tools and other equipment deemed potentially hazardous shall not be operated by anyone without appropriate training, safety gear and  demonstrated knowledge and ability to work safely.
    2. Operating instructions and safety rules shall be prominently displayed near or on the applicable equipment.
    3. No one should use hazardous equipment or engage in potentially dangerous activities (like climbing a ladder to adjust studio lighting) without another person present in the room.
    4. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, not just the room monitor’s.
    1. When not in use, the studio and store room shall be locked, and the keys secured in the lock box.
    2. The club will receive five duplicate keys which may be provided to the club’s officers and Studio Manager.  The combination for the lock box will be provided only to the officers, Studio Manager and designated room monitors. The Studio Manager shall have custody of all unassigned keys and maintain a list of members entrusted with keys and/or the lock box combination.


    1. The Executive Board shall appoint a member who will oversee the overall operation and maintenance of the studio (referred to herein as the Studio Manager).
    2. The Studio Manager shall be a non-voting member of the Executive Board and keep the Board informed of the status of the studio and recommend budgets and other appropriate measures regarding its operations.
    3. The Studio Manager maintains overall responsibility for the following areas: 

                                                                                       i.      Equipment maintenance

                                                                                     ii.      Studio Inventory Asset List (all equipment in the Studio)

                                                                                    iii.      Studio Supplies (paper, ink, mat boards, etc,)

                                                                                   iv.      Scheduling (in conjunction with the Education Committee Chairperson)

                                                                                     v.      Studio Exhibits, wall and window display, (in conjunction with the Exhibition and Competition Committee Chairperson).

                                                                                   vi.      Special Events (i.e. Saturday Art Sale in conjunction with the Special Events Committee Chairperson)

                                                                                  vii.      Safety and security

                                                                                viii.      Long-range planning

                                                                                   ix.      Budgeting and finance

                                                                                     x.      Policies and procedures

    1. Studio committee members, with the following functional responsibilities, may be appointed to assist the Studio Manager.


1.      Primary Interface with Community Association Facilities Maintenance (CAFM) Department regarding studio HVAC, electrical,  lighting, walls and wall covering, casework and bench tops,  doors and locks, and contracted housekeeping.

2.      Minor facility repairs that are not the responsibility of CAFM.

3.      Tables and seating.

4.      Miscellaneous wall mounted equipment; e.g., bulletin boards, clocks, etc.

5.      Window & wall display systems. 

6.      Storage units. 


1.      Maintenance of:  Dry Mounting/Laminating Press, Carithers Oval Mat Cutter, Carithers Signature Mat Cutter, Fletchers Glass/Plexiglas/ Mat Cutter, Cassese Underpinner Framer, Flat Storage Unit and associated small equipment items; e.g. ATG Adhesive Tape Dispenser, Frame Master Point Driver, etc.

2.      Consumable parts associated with above listed equipment; e.g., dry mounting supplies, cutter blades, framer points (Wedges), etc. 

3.      Inventory of consumable material for purchase by club members; e.g. mat boards, glass, Plexiglas, etc.   


1.      Included: desktop computers (2), laptop computer, printers (3), video monitor and projectors (2).

2.      Computer maintenance:

a.       Check internet connection and restore if necessary

b.      Download & install updates to anti-virus and operating system

c.       Check for and install updates for installed software and drivers if available

d.      Delete personal documents and unauthorized software

e.       Perform complete system scan and disk defragmentation (monthly)

f.        Troubleshoot problems and repair if possible, or report any component that is non-operational

3.      Printer maintenance:

a.       Perform ink cartridge nozzle cleaning function and print test page(s) to check quality of output

b.      Replace ink cartridges as needed

c.       Check for evidence of paper jams or debris inside printers

d.      Check overall performance and repair or adjust if possible, or report equipment that is non-operational

4.      Projector maintenance:

a.       Connect to laptop and check operating status

b.      Make image adjustments as needed

c.       Clean lens with lens cleaning tissue or cloth

5.      General:

a.       Report any indications of equipment misuse or under/over utilization and recommend changes as appropriate.

b.      Check adequacy of consumable supplies and replenish a needed.


1.        Overall responsibility for studio lighting equipment, backdrops, portrait seating, and ancillary equipment.

2.        Maintenance of studio lighting equipment.

3.        Maintain supply of consumables, i.e. backdrops, light bulbs, etc.

4.        Provide advice and recommendation for additional equipment for purchase as technology and usage dictate.   

Club Members will be encouraged to volunteer as studio monitors to keep the studio open on a more-or-less consistent daily schedule. All studio monitors are required to take studio monitor training, and to adhere to the Studio Monitor Policies that have been established.

    1. The Studio Manager shall provide the Treasurer an annual budget of anticipated expenses and income to be incorporated in the club’s fiscal year budget.
    2. The Studio Manager and one other Board member shall be authorized to approve expenditures not exceeding $500.  Expenses over that amount require approval in accordance with the club by-laws.
    3. The Board shall adopt a fee schedule to offset costs of consumable supplies and equipment depreciation.  Tuition fees for classes may also be charged.
    4. Volunteer instructors are not to be paid, other than for reimbursement of personal expenses related to the course.
    5. Income from annual member dues, studio operations and fund-raising projects should provide for a capital reserve fund for equipment procurement, repair and/or replacement.  This fund would be separate from the general operations account and not included in determining the maximum year-end balance allowed by the CCRP.
    1. The studio is a significant asset, not only to the Photography Club, but as an important amenity to the Sun City community, as well as a marketing tool for the developer.  Club officers will use any and all opportunities to publicize the studio’s benefits and programs in order to attract and retain members and bring attention to its contribution to the active lifestyle for which this community is known.
    2. Members will be kept informed on programs, classes and capabilities found in the studio and encouraged to support, as well as enjoy, it.
    3. Other than during classes or workshops, and when a room monitor is on duty, the studio will have an “open-door” policy to welcome visitors inside to view gallery exhibits, ask questions and perhaps be motivated to join the club.

Updated: 1/14/2012

Photography Club Studio Usage (Updated Feb 2017)

The Studio has seven (7) types of usable time:
Item # 1: Scheduled Classes or Training Sessions with a Monitor present
Item # 2: Scheduled Meetings
Item # 3: Scheduled Special Events
Item # 4: Scheduled Open Studio Sessions with a Monitor present
Item # 5: Scheduled Studio Lighting Reserve
Item # 6: Free Time
Item # 7: Reserved Studio Time
Note: Items 1 thru 3 are self-explanatory.

Item # 4: Scheduled Open Studio Sessions will have a scheduled Monitor in attendance. All Club members are welcome to use The Studio during these sessions. If you plan to use the Mat Cutting, Dry Mount Press, or Printers, you MUST have had the appropriate class and have been certified to use the equipment. Please do not use the Studio Lighting Equipment during the Scheduled Open Studio Sessions due to safety reasons. If you want to use the Studio Lighting Equipment, you MUST reserve the Studio.

Item # 5: Scheduled Studio Lighting Reserve can only be used if you have had the appropriate class, have received certification and you have had the Monitor Training. To reserve the lighting studio, go to the home page and click the Club Calendar link to check for room availability. E-mail your day and time request to the Studio Calendar Manager at least 24 hours before your requested time; your Studio Lighting Reserve Time will be listed on the online Calendar. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Item # 6: Free Time is any time no other activity is scheduled on the The Studio Calendar. Since this is not scheduled time, there will not be a monitor assigned. The members using the studio MUST have had the Monitor Training & Studio Certification. You will receive the Lock-Box Security Code after you have had this training. If the member is going to use the Epson 3880 Printer, the 7900 Epson Printer, Mat Cutter or Dry Mount Press Equipment; he/she must have completed the equipment training and be certified before using this equipment. Do not use the Studio Lighting Equipment during the Free Time because there may be more than one activity going on at the same time and using the Studio Lighting Equipment would create a safety hazard. There will be no exceptions to this rule!

Item # 7: Reserved Studio Time: When you want to reserve The Studio to work privately on a project, you must have any certification for the equipment that you will be using during this session & have had monitor training so that you know the code to get into The Studio. To reserve the studio, you must contact The Studio Calendar Manager at least 24 hours before your requested time to reserve The Studio. The Manager will make sure that The Studio is available for the time that you are requesting. They will also check the equipment certifications to make sure that your name is on the certification list. You will receive an e-mail confirmation. When you enter The Studio, there is a “Room Reserved” sign that you may put on The Studio door. If you have reserved the room, you have every right to work on your project in privacy. Special Note: you will not be permitted to reserve The Studio the day of or three days prior to a photo competition or photo exhibit. So please plan ahead to print your photos and/or cut your mats.

NOTE: An easy way to check The Studio Calendar is to go online to the Photo Club home page: PCSCHH.ORG and click on Club Calendar link





Updated: 2/2/17