Mission Statement

Creative Vision is a community-wide exhibit that brings together three disciplines in an artistic collaboration between fine art, photography and glass crafting. Participants collaborate to interpret a photographic image through a variety of mediums of painting or glass crafting. Creativity is encouraged, and the pieces can be realistic, impressionistic, or abstract. We share these works with our Sun City neighbors for their enjoyment and so that they might appreciate the many talented artisans in our Sun City community.

2024 Creative Vision

Creative Vision was held February 2 – 4, 2024.  It was a collaboration between SCHH Photography Club, the SCHH Art Club and the SCHH Glass Crafters.  Artists were randomly paired with artisans and their creative works of art were on display during the event.  The community voted for their favorites and ribbons were awarded.

The 2024 Creative Visions Ribbon Winners:

“A” = Artist and | “P” = Photographer | “GA” = Glass Artist

1st Place Favorite Pairing

Corky Burt (P)
Teresa Brandt (A)

2nd Place Favorite Pairing

Jay Dorin (P)
Janet Urbanic (A)

3rd Place Favorite Pairing

Diane Brayden (P)
Lynne Drake (A)

1st Place Glass Artist

1st Place: Mary LiVecchi (GA)

Favorite Photography:

1st Place: Doug Scott (P)
2nd Place: Steve Tate (P)
3rd Place: Tom Mills (P)

Favorite Artwork:

1st Place: Barb O’Neill (A)
2nd Place: Carol Dombrowski (A) (not pictured)
3rd Place: Jane Capraro (A)

Photos from Creative Visions 2024

Special thanks to photographers Corky Burt and Bill McKinnery

2023 Creative Visions

Creative Visions was held February 2 – 5, 2023. It was a collaborative project between PCSC, the SCHH Art Club and four SCHH Glass Crafters. Interested club members were randomly paired with artisans. Together they collaborated for a stunning fine-art show featuring side-by-side interpretations. The community participated by voting for their favorites.

The 2023 Creative Visions Ribbon Winners:

“A” = Artist and | “P” = Photographer | “GA” = Glass Artist

Best in Show (1st Place):
(A) Teresa Brandt
(P) Tom Hanley

Best in Show (2nd Place):
(GA) Anne Curran
(P) Kathy Leonard

Best in Show (3rd Place):
(A) Linda Hilts
(B) Mark Davis

Most Creative Interpretation:
(GA) Anne Curran
(P) Kathy Leonard

Best in Show (Artwork)
(GA) Anne Curran

Best in Show (Photographer)
(P) Tom Hanley

A = Artist
P = Photographer
GA = Glass Artist

Photos from Creative Visions 2023

Special thanks to photographers Tom Mills and Bill McKinnery

Contact Stan Holz with any questions concerning Creative Vision