The studio is a multi-purpose venue for our classes and small meetings, which are enhanced by a recently acquired 4K HDR television screen. The studio is fully equipped and maintained with access to commercial-grade printing, matting and mounting equipment. It can be converted to a portrait studio complete with different background drops and all the lighting equipment required for professional-quality portrait photography. The facility has internet service, both Apple and Windows computers and the latest editing software. A lending library has an assortment of books, magazines, and other reference material.

The studio is open for individual help with equipment or questions about the club in general during regularly scheduled hours. Upon certification training, members can operate equipment during general studio hours.

Contact Corky Burt, with questions concerning the studio

Contact Cathy Thiem, with questions concerning studio supplies

Studio Policy

  • The operation and management of the studio and equipment shall be in full compliance with the CCRP and By-Laws of the Sun City Photography Club.
  • As one of the benefits of membership in the Sun City Photography Club, the studio shall be managed expressly for the interests of its members in good standing.  Non-member residents, visitors and guests of the developer are welcome to visit the studio and observe the activities therein but may not attend classes or use equipment.  Exceptions may be made for use by joint activities which include Photography Club members and members of other clubs, for example, the “DigiSig” group which is a joint initiative with the Computer Club.  With reasonable advance notice, designated club members will be available to open the studio and give informal tours.
  • The studio and/or equipment may not be leased (rented) to outside parties or groups.  However, the Photography Club may sponsor a seminar or workshop presented by a paid speaker in accordance with CCRP contracting policies.  In addition, a member may be authorized by the Board to conduct outside seminars using studio equipment.
  • Scheduled classroom periods will have priority over other uses of the studio.
  • A daily register of utilization will be provided near the entrance; all those entering the studio will be asked to sign the register and provide his/her CA number, and members must bring their club badge.
  • A designated room monitor must be present in the studio at all times when others are working therein.  During class periods the instructor may serve as the room monitor or, at his/her discretion, request someone else for that purpose. “Open” periods of the studio will be dependent on the availability of a room monitor.
  • In accordance with the CCRP, a minimum of 25% of the scheduled operating time shall be set aside for members’ use, unencumbered by classes, meetings or other planned group activities.
  • Although assigned to the Photography Club, the studio and its equipment remain under the ownership of the Community Association and shall be operated and maintained in accordance with its rules and standards.  Access for inspections (fire, safety, etc.), routine maintenance and custodial services cannot be hindered.
  • No smoking, food or beverages shall be permitted inside the studio, other than bottled drinking water.  Other food/beverages may be allowed at the discretion of the monitor on duty at the time.
  • Only “digital” processing of photos is performed; no chemicals associated with “darkroom” processing of film or prints will be permitted in the studio.
  • No activity which could result in negative publicity (deserved or otherwise) or reflect unfavorably on the club, its members or Sun City Hilton Head shall be permitted in the studio.
  • A copy of this document shall be conspicuously posted in the studio as required by the CCRP.


  • Mat cutters, glass cutting tools and other equipment deemed potentially hazardous shall not be operated by anyone without appropriate training, safety gear and demonstrated knowledge and ability to work safely.
  • Operating instructions and safety rules shall be prominently displayed near or on the applicable equipment.
  • No one should use hazardous equipment or engage in potentially dangerous activities (like climbing a ladder to adjust studio lighting) without another person present in the room.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility, not just the room monitors.